How to get twitter users klout true reach scores


You know that Klout will shutdown their old API and don’t give true reach scores of their users anymore.

We wish to get this score from DataSift. I searched all of the Documentation but didn’t find any thing about how to get twitter users Klout true reach scores.

Could any one help me?


Start by activating the Klout Profile augmentation on your Data Sources page. You will then be able to filter on a number of new Klout targets, such as true reach, network, and more.


Hi Jason,

Thank for your help.

I activated the Klout source. If i want to get true reach of my twitter account, is this definition correct: twitter.user.screen_name == “hardc0der” ?

My another question is about pricing. I this pricing ($0.10 per 1000) policy is query by single person / request or can i getting result with bulk request?


twitter.user.screen_name == "hardc0der" would return any Tweets sent by @hardc0der. If you would like to filter for any Tweets or retweets sent by @hardc0der, you might want to use == "hardc0der". Also, consider using the 'in' operator, rather than '=='. 

Regarding pricing, you should be able to find everything you need on our Understanding Billing and Billing FAQ pages.


I think that you didn’t understand my case.

I want to get a twitter users klout true reach score, not tweets of a user.

I want to get a result like that page:


how can i get this result and whic API node i have to use? I didn’t find any example for that. each of the examples explain that stream api but i think that this operation can’t be done with stream api?


Unfortunately, there is no operation to search for users. The platform is designed to deliver interactions (eg. tweets). So, in oder to see the Klout information for a user, you would need to run a stream and filter for your list of users. 


So how can i achieve this operation? I mean that, how can i get klout information of a user (or user list) with stream API? And is this TrueReach information is real? (Because Klout announced that they stopped this calculation on 15 september)


The example on the Klout Profile data source page is simply the Klout data which is added to an interaction. In order to gather your True Reach data, you will have to set up a regular stream, and simply ignore fields you are not interested in. 

The True Reach value is real - Klout are removing the true reach information from their API, but as a partner of Klout's, we use a dedicated, private feed (rather than their API) to gather user Klout data. This feed does still contain up-to-date true reach information. We do not currently have any deadline by which we need to remove the true reach field.


I readed all of the documentation pages and the Klout Profile data source page but i can’t understand that how can i retrieve true reach data.

I will use PHP library of this operation but this library nor examples can give a data such as i want.

How can i execute a CSDL like the Klout Profile Sample?


As long as you have turned on the Klout Profile data source, this information will be returned to you as part of your interactions. You can access the true reach in the PHP library using '$interaction['klout']['true_reach']' in the onInteraction() method. Our streaming API returns standard JSON objects.


How can i get the interactions that have highets (top 10) klout score.

csdl : interaction.content contains “cricket” and klout.score > 50"
this will giver interactions that have score more than 50… but i want the top 10 or 20 interactions.

Can u pls help me in this reg.


Check the reply in this thread for getting the top 10 or 20 scoring interactions. There is no way to do this through the CSDL and this is something that would have to be done within your application with the data you receive.