How to get results from a pull for a historic


I created a historic query through the Dashboard.

I can see a pull destination in the Dashboard.

I cannot see any means to get the actual results because there is no subscription or pull id that I can use through the API.


If you create the Pull Push subscription Task, and click into it, you’ll see the Push subscription ID listed on that page. See below for an example;


Don’t understand what you are referring to and I can’t find a page that looks like that.

I have no options to create a pull push subscription task.


When creating a Push subscription or Historics task, if you have only created one destination available, DataSift will default to delivering to that destination; your Pull destination in this case.
On creating the Historics task, you can navigate to, and click into the new Task at the top of the list to retrieve your Push subscription details.


When I click on the task to a url that looks like I get an http 500 error page.


Thanks for reporting that. Our engineers are looking into it as we speak.

In the meantime, you can issue a curl request to search for your Push subscription by Historics ID;

curl -X GET '<HISTORICS_ID>' -H 'Authorization: USERNAME:API_KEY'

You can find the Historics ID in the URL of your Historics task; The URL of “” means your Historics ID is “15cxxxxxxxxxx”; just strip the prepended “h” from the ID.


Thie returns:


Might be the cause of the server error I guess!



curl -X GET '<HISTORICS_ID>' -H 'Authorization: USERNAME:API_KEY'

The all=true param allows us to pull subscriptions created via the UI.


The 500 error should now be resolved


Tried twice, got a 502 bad gateway error and then the opps screen!


That was bad timing unfortunately. We suffered a short Push incident ( 2016-05-06 ~11:50-12:30 UTC) due to some of our ongoing platform maintenance.

Everything should be working as expected now.