How do we get https profile image url for a twitter user


How can I get the Https:// secure profile image url for a twitter user. It currently only returns the http:// insecure version.



We pass on this data directly from Twitter - they currently only send us the HTTP version of the avatar URL. To use the secure version, simply change the HTTP to HTTPS in your URL.


Changing url to HTTPS might work, but mostly results in a certificate warning. Any news on when DataSift/Twitter provides the proper avatars? This has become a big problem since Twitter’s 1.0 deprecation. With their old API it used to be possible to generate an avatar url by using the “username” value.


It looks like Twitter have started providing a 'profile_image_url_https' field in their Tweet objects. We have now added this to our Twitter interactions, and it should become available at some point next week.