How do tags work when merging streams that may contain same interactions?


I was wondering if merging streams produces duplicate tagged interaction items or not. Tried poking around in the developer help, but did not find an answer for this. What I mean is (about):


interaction.content in "cars, boats"


interaction.content in "cars, bicycles"


tag "TAG1" { stream "STREAM1" } tag "TAG2" { stream "STREAM2" }
return {
    stream "STREAM1" or
    stream "STREAM2"

Given interaction with content like "Something about cars" will STREAM3 produce 2 instances of the same interaction tagged with TAG1 and TAG2 or single instance with both tags TAG1 and TAG2?


You will receive a single instance of the interaction, tagged with both TAG1 and TAG2. DataSift filters on the CSDL in the return {} statement first, then applies any necessary tags to any interactions which have been matched by the filter.