How do I migrate from twitter search api?


I am here because Twitter Search API is rate limited - I am doing more than 150 twitter search queries per hour. Am I in the wrong place? Should I try and get Twitter Stream working first and then come to you when I hit limits there? Do you have any advice on migrating from twitter search API to datasift?


I recently wrote a blog post called Migrating from the Twitter Streaming API. This should contain everything you need regarding switching your Twitter Search API queries to DataSift CSDL queries.

Regarding your use of either Twitter's Search API, or DataSift - we had a very similar question asked a few weeks ago - How does the DataSift Streaming API compare to the Twitter Streaming API.


Thanks Jason, yes I’ve read both posts fully. I understand the difference between Twitter Stream and Datasift stream which is your CSDL. What I am not getting is the migration path from Search to Stream which is the problem area. Others have had a similar experience. I’ll get there eventually I hope.


As far as I am aware, both the Twitter and DataSift Streaming APIs run on HTTP or WebSocket streaming protocols.

We have a few docs pages on how to get started with our Streaming API, offer API client libraries on our Github page, and offer support both in this discussion forum, and our support helpdesk if you have any more specific questions.