How do I get only the original retweeted tweet?


I am looking for tweets that are retweeted more than X times. I created the following query:
interaction.content CONTAINS “keyword” AND twitter.retweet.count > 10

However I am not interested in all the retweets themselves (which I seem to get). I only want the original tweets. Could you tell me what needs to change about the query?


Using "twitter.retweet.count > n" will result in the retweet being returned each time that same Tweet is retweeted, so you will receive an interaction when it is retweeted n+1 times, n+2, n+3..... It might be more sensible to use the following CSDL:

interaction.content contains "keyword" and twitter.retweet.count in [10, 50, 100]

This means you will receive an interaction when a Tweet matching your keyword search is retweeted 10, 50 and 100 times - you will not receive every retweet.

The original Tweet that was retweeted can be found in the twitter.retweeted.* part of the interaction. Take a look at this sample retweet interaction for an example. In this case, @RWW sent the original Tweet, and @nik retweeted it.