How do I export to CSV (not JSON) when I "deliver" my data (e.g., via FTP ; to Amazon3 etc


I’m just starting to use DataSift …was able to create and record a stream in csv format but when I started to set up delivery (e.g, via FTP, Amazon3) the only options for data format were JSON.

How can I get the data delivered as csv?



Hi Mark,

I believe I've already answered your question via a support ticket but here is the answer for anyone else interested.

CSV is currently only available from Recordings in the GUI:

1) Start a recording (
2) Select your stream
3) Select your start and end times
4) Select "DataSift Storage" as your data destination
5) Start the recording
6) Once the recording is finished (based on your end time), you may select "Export Data". In the "Format" dropdown list, select "CSV". Start the export process
7) Once the export is done, go back to your recording ( and download the file.