How do I capture all new Facebook page's likes, reshares, and comments?


How do I create a stream that can capture all of a Facebook fan page’s new likes, comments, wall posts, and re-shares?

I’m trying to summarize “net-new” interactions for a specific page (by likes, comments, wall posts, re-shares).

I’ve been looking at the documentation online for Facebook data and it seems very sparse. This link ( is referenced multiple times, but it’s pretty lacking.


Unfortunately our facebook data source does not currently return any Like or Share data. We are working on improving this, and an upcoming release of the Facebook source will begin to include more data like this.


Do you have a schedule for upcoming Facebook source release?


Yes, schedule please! :slight_smile:

Also, is there a comprehensive list of what the Facebook data source IS actually returning currently? For example, is it only public posts by a user (to their wall or someone else’s wall)? How about things like when a post is re-shared?


No solid release schedule yet I'm afraid. Keep an eye on @DataSiftDev for product and platform announcements like this.

We are in the process of curating a full list of the data you can expect to be returned from the Facebook data source. 


We have now announced our new Managed Sources data sources, including Facebook Pages, which will include all likes and comments on any given Facebook Page. 

More information is available here -


Is there any documentation on this online yet? Can’t seem to find any information on it.


Take a look at our "Managed Sources" section here - Everything you need can be found in this section.