How could I get the raw tweets?



I would like to know if it’s possible to get the tweets with the original format.
I’m happy with the extra information that I can get through datasift, but the JSON that I get from Datasift has a field “twitter” where you’d find the data from a tweet, but the format inside of this field is not the same that if you get the Twitter from API Public of Twitter, what it’s a little weird.

Thank you.


The data we receive from Twitter is placed into the 'twitter' part of the interaction object. Many of these fields are mapped one-to-one with the object we receive from Twitter. Are there any fields in particular that you are having difficulties with?


It’s because I got some tweets from API Public from Twitter and now, I would like that they both share the same model and I thought that the twitter field was a copy of a tweet but I realize that there’re different between them.

Now, my idea is to create my own class (or maybe I’d use a model class of DataSift to Twitter, although, I guess that it’s out from the datasift api from java) and cast datasift model and Twitter model to this class.


I don’t find the content of the “geo” attribute. I guess that it has the coordinates,. but, I don’t find in the documentation the concrete fields of geo. Could you help me?

Thank you


The targets that allow you to filter on geo data in Twitter are twitter.geo, or the* targets.

A stripped down example of a Twitter interaction containing geo data is as follows:

{  "interaction": {    "geo": {      "latitude": 1.3175855,      "longitude": 103.84404628    }  },  "twitter": {    "geo": {      "latitude": 1.3175855,      "longitude": 103.84404628    },    "place": {      "id": "d0941d4cf659fc64",      "url": "",      "place_type": "admin",      "country": "Malaysia",      "country_code": "MY",      "full_name": "Johore, Malaysia",      "name": "Johore",      "attributes": {}    },  }}

Please bear in mind, that if there is no geo data in a Tweet, no geo data will be passed on. Do not be fooled by the 'geo_enabled' field - if it is set to true, it means the user has enabled the ability to check in, but has not necessarily checked in with this particular Tweet.