How can you start push streams created with initial_status stopped


Looking at the push options, there is a pause/resume, which makes sense (and presumably you get charged for since it continues to stream data internally?)

There is a stop REST call, which looks like it results in a subscription being expired after some (unspecified?) period of time (according to the state transition diagram you have published)

But you can also create a subscription in initial_state “stopped” … what does this mean, and is there a way (via the REST API) of starting it subsequently?


Hi Alex,

Correct - if you call push/pause, DPUs and license fees will continue to be charged to your account as you have elected to hold the data in our buffer until your endpoint is able to accept the data (by calling push/resume).

"Stopped" is not a valid status for initial_state. You must either declare: active (start right away), paused (start right away but do not start delivering), or waiting_for_start (waiting for the time in the start parameter). 

Calling push/stop will stop your subscription but may continue to deliver any data that was collected in the buffer (status will change from "finishing" to "finished")


Thanks - that’s what I thought.

Minor point but the documentation is wrong in under “Create a subscription”, the initial_status parameter description says “The initial status of the subscription. Options: active, paused, stopped.”

( is correct)