How can I search for usernames, for example "@time"


hello ,

I was testing some filters to get use to with CSDL . I was trying to get tweets that contains “@TIME” ( a magazine) ,but after few tries i realized that i am searching for “@time” and i am getting results with tweets containing word “time” which is of no use. After some tries i had little success and below is the CSDL i am currently using to get @time tweets which is little slow.

language.tag != "es" and ( (twitter.text contains "&#64time") or links.domain contains "" or links.domain contains_any "," or twitter.retweet.text contains_any "," or twitter.links contains_any ",")
but i am stil not able to specifically check for the tweets that has "@TIME" , if anyone knows that can help in improving the CSDL for @TIME ttweets would be great. I really appreciate.

Thank you


Thanks in advance.


I think the target you are looking for is twitter.mentions - this looks for any instances of a Twitter username in a Tweet. It would be used in the following way:

twitter.mentions in "time"

Note: You don't need to prefix the username with the @ symbol. 


If you are also filtering for links to the Time website, the best way to do this would be with our Links Augmentation:

links.domain in ""

Note: You do not have to include the "" short URL as our links augmentation automatically resolves each link to it's final endpoint. 

If you are particularly interested in picking up short URLs, you need to use the target, which looks for links as they are included in Tweets, not the fully resolved URL.


Thank you very much, it was helpful .