How can I get information on events and geotracking from facebook?


I am interested in information such as events, groups,pages and status updates on facebook from a particular region say(south america).
Is there a way to gather this info?


You can use the facebook.og.location target to filter on the location of Facebook posts, however this field is not often populated. You could also use the interaction.geo target, and enter the latitude and longitude of the area you are interested in as a geo_radius or geo_polygon.

We are working on improving the quality, and the number of interactions returned from Facebook. Unlike Twitter, which has a robust Firehose delivery model, the data returned via Facebook’s Open Graph API isn't guaranteed by Facebook to return all public posts. Due to this, we can not guarantee the completeness of the Facebook data we deliver.


I have tried the example stream showing facebook.og.location:
It doesn’t show anything. My goal is to create a stream of all Facebook and Twitter mentions in Austria and I can’t see filters that can help me filter this out.


Regarding the Twitter location data, there are a number of ways you can filter on a user's location:

You can use accurate fields such as or, which will return accurate details of the exact place (with geo co-ordinates) the Tweet was sent from:

Unfortunately we currently receive very few Facebook posts which contain geo data. As I mentioned, we are looking at ways we can improve this.