How can I collect all activity that happens on bunch of facebook pages


We have been using datasift to collect twitter interactions related to curated set of twitter handles and have been very satisfied with the completeness. Is there a way we can configure to collect data from facebook fan pages too (in near realtime). We are specifically interested in collecting the posts, likes of the posts, comments on the posts, number of shares of the posts happening on a curated set of facebook fan pages. A sample csdl query will be greatly appreciated.

Also, is there a guarantee for the completeness of the data and what delay we should be expecting? Thanks in advance.

This is certainly possible. If you want to monitor a set of fan pages, you should look at using something like the target: in "McDonalds, McDonaldsAU, McDonaldsCanada"
This will allow you to track a number of fan pages by the page name.
There is typically not much delay between mesages being posted publicly on Facebook, and DataSift delivering them - usually no more than a minute or two delay.
Regarding the data completeness, we use the Facebook Open Graph API to access public Facebook posts. Unlike Twitter, which has a robust Firehose delivery model, the data returned via Facebook’s Open Graph API isn't guaranteed by Facebook to return all public posts. Running an analysis, we observed that it is not unusual for the volume of posts returned to drop sharply during the day.
We are evaluating how we can provide alternative filters/listeners, and generally improve the completeness of our Facebook data source.



In a related context, what’s the best target we should use to monitor a specific set of Twitter Pages/handles?


To monitor a set of Twitter handles, you could use one of the following two targets: in [12345, 34567, 56789, ...]


twitter.user.screen_name in "DataSift, DataSiftDev, DataSiftAPI, ..."



Will Do. Thanks for the response.


Hello, i’ve tried selecting on and it does not seem to be pulling posts back from fan pages … Is there any other detail you can provide to do this eg an example?


Take a look at the documentation page for examples.