Hitting twitter license limit


I had all my streams stop because I hit the twitter license limit.

A few pieces of feedback and some questions.

  1. The error email I got says “You hit your billing limit” - which isn’t really true, you may want to have different errors for billing and for twitter license.
  2. Is there a way to cap the amount of traffic from a recording in a day? Put a backstop in place in case it spikes? (I was recording for april fools tweets, and got surprised).
  3. Is there a way to specify which streams should stop recording, rather than having them all stop? Put a sacrificial stream out there - as it’s going to mess up the continuity of all my recordings, I would have preferred to say “If I hit a limit, kill these first”.



1) We will look into our notifications to ensure the correct message is sent in this situation.


2) There is not currently a way to cap recordings automatically, however you could do this programmatically;

Making a call to the /usage REST API endpoint will return a list of all the streams you are consuming, including the number of interactions received from each data source or augmentation:


    "streams": {        "20208569700a23bfdf2c07d07dace187": {            "licenses": {                "gender": 7,                "interaction": 15,                "klout.profile": 11,                "klout.topics": 9,                "language": 15,                "links": 12,                "salience.entities": 6,                "salience.sentiment": 12,                "salience.topics": 6,                "trends": 5,                "twitter": 15            },            "seconds": 178        },

You could set up a script to make periodic calls to the /usage endpoint, and stop a recording (using the /recording/update/ endpoint) after it has consumed a certain number of interactions for a certain data source (i.e. Twitter)


3) To stop certain lower priority recordings, you could extend on the suggestion in answer 2). Looking at the number of Twitter interactions consumed in the past day, you can begin stopping recordings which have a particularly high throughput, or streams which you consider a lower priority.