Historics tasks keep failing


In connection to the question I raised here: Do we get charged for failed historics tasks?

  • we keep receiving failure messages on our historics tasks. We re-run a previously failed task (it stopped at 97 per cent) and now the new task failed at 99 per cent. I certainly see data in our destination, but we need the full data-set.

Could you please look into this? It is very crucial for our business to be able run historics queries in a reliable fashion.
I would also like to understand whether/how we get charged for these failed tasks.


There was an issue with historics queries earlier this week, as you may have seen on status.datasift.com.
If you could create a new support ticket (direct link: https://support.datasift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), then DataSift Support can help with your specific case.