Historics graph


Hi all

I want to plot a histogram showing tweets per day (traffic), over a specific period of time, but only for two specific countries. How can I do this?

The horizontal X axis would plot time per month from Jan 2011 to the end of August 2012 while the vertical Y axis would plot tweet volume per day.

I’d be incredibly grateful if anyone could offer some advice on how I can go about doing this.



Something like the DataSift Splunk Storm connector springs to mind. You can push your data straight into Splunk, and from there, choose what data to display (by defauly, it will be shown as a Histogram).

To get access to this data, you will need access to DataSift Historics.

Documentation for the Splunk Storm connector can be found here - dev.datasift.com/docs/push/connectors/splunk-storm-rest


Thank you very much indeed for your response! I’ll take a look at these links.


I’ve created a project in Splunk Storm, but am struggling to enable the ‘historics query’. Is there an easier way for a non-programmer to get this data?




DataSift Historics are currently available to customers on a monthly subscription only. If you are interested in getting access, please fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of the follow page: datasift.com/historics