Historics Data Through the Streaming API



Is it possible to use the Streaming API rather than the Push API to retrieve data from Historics?

Many thanks



Unfortunately not. We frequently add new Push Connectors, and if you have any suggestions for connectors you would like us to add in the future, we would be happy to hear your suggestions.


Hi Jason

Many thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated! Are there any plans for any form of pull rather than push mechanism for retrieving data from historics?




Do don't currently have any plans to build a Pull Delivery system, but we can certainly look into it. I will raise this with our Product Team.


Hi Jason,

Is there any changes in your product regarding this topic?
My application (Autonomy DataSift Connector) can use the StreamHash or the CSDL streaming definition itself to collect data from DataSift. Is there any way or workaround to access historical data (for example tweets from the last 30 days) with streaming?


A 'Pull' Push Connector has recently been announced, and is currently going through the final stages of development. I will ensure our Product Team is aware you are interested in using it.