Google BigQuery Integration


I have been trying to export data to a google bigquery dataset, but except for 4 empty rows, no other relevant data has been pushed.
I followed instruction from this link: Not sure if it’s the csdl code that I used the cause.
For example I configured a stream using:
wikipedia.title contains “Audi”.
The live preview has no output. Also, the only data sources that I’ve set as active are Interaction and Wikipedia.
Please let me know what may be the reason for this. At the end of every stream recording I don’t see any changes, expect the creation of the table mentioned in the destination with 4 empty rows(some row have null values, and interaction.type is ds_verify).

Thank you!


This happened to me too . Can you give us a response please?



I realized that data was actually sent to Google BigQuery dataset, but I was only looking at the preview, which only contained schema related info. After I run a few queries I got multiple rows with information. Thanks!