Getting list of retweeting users



I can get a list of retweets preformed by a user by using this:

<code>twitter.retweet.user.screen_name == "fredbloggs"</code>

By how do I get all the users who retweeted a @fredbloggs tweet? (hopefully that makes sense!).

I tried this:

twitter.retweeted.mentions in “fredbloggs”

But this only gives the retweet if @fredbloggs is specifically mentioned in the retweet :frowning:

regards Barry

PS. @fredbloggs is fictional for this example! However I’m sure someone will have that twitter handle :slight_smile:


PPS. Sorry about formatting. Can’t seem to get it working :frowning:


Close! The target you are looking for is twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name

So the following CSDL will return ReTweets that were originally written by @fredbloggs

twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name == "fredbloggs"


Jason, Thank you for very quick response. It worked so also thank you for solving the problem! Yours Barry