Get twitter account followers tweets


i need to track followers of some twitter users account.

The problem is that some of this accounts have more then 200K followers and using the DataSift CSDL target like: IN [1234567, 3456789, … , 7890123] exceeds the compile limit.

There’s the way to get all contents from a twitter account followers in a different way?

Many Tnx



Currently we have a limit in place which says a single CSDL rule can not exceed 1MB. Typically a list of approximately 90K Twitter user IDs will exceed this limit. 

The work-around is to group multiple 'sub-streams' into one 'master-stream':

Stream hash 12345678: in [1, 2, ..., 90000]

Stream hash 98765432: in [90001, 90002, ..., 180000]

Master stream:

stream "12345678" or stream "98765432" or stream "..."

Take a look at the 'stream' keyword documentation for full details. We will soon be releasing functionality which will allow you to include much larger user / keyword lists in your streams without the need to split up your query.