Filtering by place


I would want to get one month of all the tweets from Tunisia (for instance march 2012): is it possible and could you estimate the cost ?


The DPU cost for running a fairly simple stream (less than 1DPU) for a month would work out at $144USD. Unfortunately we do not currently have the kind of metrics which would allow us to estimate the volume of Tweets you would receive with a stream like this.

If you would like to take a guess at the number of Tweets you might receive, spend some time on our Pricing Calculator. This should help you figure out how much running the stream might cost.


Thank you for your answer. I just would want to precise one point of my question. A lot of tweets from Tunisia are not geo-localised. It could be shown by comparing the number of tweets we obtain with the API twitter using the filter location (polygone including Tunisia) and the number of tweets we obtain by searching all the tweets containing the keyword “Tunisie” or “Tunisia” (we can see in the core of the message that most of them come from tunisia). Are you able to get the tweets that are not geo-localised but coming from tunisia ?


Take a look at our twitter.user.location target. This is a user entered field where a Twitter user will typically enter their home town or country:

Take a look at an example CSDL rule:

twitter.user.location any "Tunisie, Tunisia, Tunis"


And an example output:


    "twitter": {
        "user": {
            "location": "Sfax, Tunisie"