Filter Twitter replies


I want to filter twitter replies by a keyword - how do I go about it ?

I am using something like this to filter the tweets by user name: twitter.user.screen_name in “name1, name2”


It may help to start by reading through the list of all our available Twitter CSDL Targets.
From what you have described, it seems like you want to receive only Twitter replies which contain a certain keyword. Something like the following would achieve that:

twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name EXISTS AND
twitter.text CONTAINS_ANY "keyword1, keyword2, ..."

So this will match any interactions which are a Twitter reply, AND contain they keywords “keyword1” or “keyword2”.

You could also filter for replies to specific users containing those keywords like so:

twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name IN "user1, user2, ..." AND
twitter.text CONTAINS_ANY "keyword1, keyword2, ..."