Filter by topics score



I have the following filter.

salience.content.topics exists and salience.title.topics

I want to the apply a additional restriction so that I only get interactions back where the salience topic match is strong on any topic.

So I want to have something like this:

salience.content.topics exists and salience.title.topics exists
and salience.content.topics.score > 0.9

salience.content.topics is an array, but I cant filter on items in the array. so:

and salience.content.topics[0].score or
and salience.content.topics.0.score doesn’t work.

How do I do this in CSDL?


Unfortunately this is not currently possible to do in CSDL. The full list of targets available to filter on with the Salience Augmentation, can be found on our Augmentation: Salience targets page.