Facebook stream not parsing links


The Datasift Facebook stream seems to be broken when dealing with links.
We have enabled twitter, and facebook as datasources and added the links augmentation.

When searching for a url using:
links.url substr “google”

for instance we have searched for cnn.com getting many tweets on twitter but zero results on facebook.

we cannot get any links from facebook, but we get tweets.

When tracking a users account using
interaction.author.name == “realname”

Posts that contain links appear late, and don’t seem to be parsed out as a link entity in JSON which we would expect.

We have seen previous messages about the incompleteness of the Graph API, but are surprised about the loss of data rather than the delay.

Is there something we misunderstand? Or are doing incorrectly? Or is it a bug.



This is a known issue. We believe it may be related to recent changes in the Facebook Open Graph API. Our engineering team is currently looking into what we can do to resolve this.


Thanks Jason,

You might be able to hear the big sigh of relief coming from our office now. :slight_smile:




We are testing a fix for this. We hope to get it released next week at the latest.


This issue is now resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused here.


The issue still remains for me. Whenever I post something without a link I get it correctly, but if there is a link in there I simply miss it.

Any updates on that?


I think the system works now as intended. I get posts that include links as well.
Thanks for solving that.

I have a problem parsing “likes” when using

facebook.likes.names in “name”

but that is another thread I guess.