Facebook simple query not returning data



I’ve tried to setup a filter, a very simple one.

interaction.content contains_any "audi"
interaction.geo geo_polygon “46.195042108660076,5.1416015625:47.75409797968,13.2275390625:39.774769485295444,20.0830078125:36.42128244364942,15.380859375:37.78808138412046,8.2177734375”

this Geo area is Italy (roughly).

When previewing this one, that should return a huge amount of data, I have ZERO results for several minutes. If I remove the geo filter, I have only something like half a post per second.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also: I tried to run this one on historic, one day. The result was COMPLETELY EMPTY and i’ve been billed for more than 2$ (of course is not the 2$ that worries me, but I am quite surprised that such a brand returns zero).



Anyone? Datasift?


It is likely that there are no posts matching this CSDL. When using interaction.geo, we are filtering for interactions that have been geo-tagged with that geographical area - not just posts that have been created in that geographical area, and not geo-tagged. We typically find that a low volume of overall posts have been geo-tagged. Could you please confirm what you mean when you say you only receive 'half a post a second' when you remove the geo-filter?