Facebook Photos



I am searching for Facebook posts using Datasift, but I cannot find these posts:



Is it possible to search for a keyword or expression present in the photo description and find theses posts/photos?




Try using the target “facebook.caption” with your keywords and add “Facebook.type == photo”.

The list of the types of messages you can filter through captions can be found here:




I tried to use this query:

interaction.type IN “facebook” AND (facebook.caption contains_any “carolene,gabriolo” AND facebook.type == “photo” )

But I could not collect this post:


It seems this search does not work

But thanks for the suggestion


We currently use the Facebook Open Graph Search API to retreive our Facebook data. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed by Facebook to return 100% of their public posts, so there may be cases where we will not receive interactions like this.

We are working on improving the quality and consistency of data we receive from Facebook, and have a number of releases planned over the coming months, which should make a real difference to the data you are able to receive from Facebook.


Hello Jason,

Thank you for the response, we are using the Open Graph too and we know about its limitations.
I'm glad to hear about these new releases, do you have any prediction of publish dates of theses releases?



We are still finialising our release dates. Keep an eye on our Engineering Blog and @DataSift to stay up to date with all our latest announcements.