Facebook output Fields in Exported CSV


I’m trying yo understand the output of Facebook stream. I have done a csv export and found that only a few fields were part of the output.
These are the fields : message, type, created_at, application, source, author, id

My question is. Is this just because it’s a trial account? Or am I missing something else here?


By default, our Facebook Public data source has been anonymized, so these are the fields you should expect to receive. If you need access to the non-anonymized Facebook source, please get in touch with the DataSift Support Team, and we will be happy to help.


Is there a way to get the Facebook likes/comments/share count for:
A. Of a public post that has been returned from our query
B. All posts of a page that we are tracking.(assuming datasift allows you to track a page by pageid?)


This will currently only be possible to achieve using our Facebook Pages Managed Source.