Facebook Geo Field Details


Hi all,
I’m doing a project about geographical patterns of language use on Facebook. This means I’m going to be using the fields containing geographic information heavily. Problem is, there are a lot of these fields (facebook.geo, facebook.lat, facebook.lon, facebook.location, facebook.place, and so on… not to mention all the intercation.geo fields) they all seem very similar, and there is very little information on the origin of the values. This is important to me because I need to know if the values are observations made by location services like GPS or cell positioning, or from somewhere else, such as derived from a reported location, or a check-in or something.
So my question: is there any more detailed information about these data fields available, further than the brief Facebook API and Datasift Docs?


These values are all received from Facebook; the best place to check what they all mean would be in Facebook’s Documentation.
Please note; our Facebook Public data source will be removed on April 30th 2015 as it is dependant on v.1.0 of Facebook’s Open Graph API which is being deprecated on that day.


Well, that deprecation is disturbing news! Thanks for the heads up. Will it be switching to a paid service at that point, or removed completely?
Like I said in my initial question, the Facebook docs offer no clues on the fields, but thanks anyway.


The Facebook Public data source will be removed completely; we do not yet have an alternative method of pulling this kind of data into the platform.
We will be shifting our focus to our new product; PYLON for Facebook Topic Data, which will allow you to gather anonymized aggregated insights into a market segment. Fields you will be able to filter on should include a Facebook user’s self-declared location. Find out more at http://datasift.com/products/pylon-for-facebook-topic-data/