Facebook Datasource Live Preview returns nothing



I have activated Facebook Public and using the CSDL below:

facebook.message contains “DataSift”

When I clicked on the Live Preview under Streams, nothing is return.




We are currently tracking an issue with Facebook's Graph API: http://dev.datasift.com/issues/acknowledged/drop-facebook-volume-2014-02-08. Once they have resolved the issue, you should start seeing Facebook data across the platform. 


is this solved? I’m still returning NO result for a very simple query.



Facebook Graph API is up and running but I still can’t get any results from Live Preview. What can be the problem?



With a filter like facebook.message contains "DataSift", it is quite likely you will not see any interactions for a long time because people may not be talking about DataSift on Facebook. Try something more likely to return results like:

facebook.message contains "music"


I tried this filter: facebook.message contains “Singapore Haze” and no result was returned, but a similar search using Facebook graph explorer: search?q=“Singapore Haze”&type=post return many results in 2874 ms.


The results you receive from using Facebook's Graph Explorer are not presented in real-time - they are Historical results. The interactions you would receive via the stream preview would be received in real-time only.