Facebook datasource doesn't get any result


I’m trying to check Facebook, My CSDL is only " interaction.type == “facebook” ", but, I’m not getting any data. If I do stream in Twitter, it’s working correctly. I don’t know if I have to activate the facebook stream. When I look for in the Data Sources area, everything looks alright.

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If you can share your DataSift account username, someone can take a closer look at this for you.

Please be aware that there is a 500K per day interaction limit on basic accounts, so you will not be able to consume a stream like this for a long period of time without your account being temporarily restricted.


I have created a test account, the username is “pepito3”. I’m creating the streams from Java.

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The account you tried consuming this stream from did not have Facebook enabled as a Data Source. I have enabled the Facebook Public data source on your pepito3 account.


Thank you, could you tell me how you activated?? Because I got to activate the Twitter access from Dashboard, but there’s nothing to facebook there.
I was checking as well around “Data Sources” and although there’re services what you can activated from there, I couldn’t get to activate Facebook.


This was done as a member of the DataSift Support Team. We are making changes to our Facebook data sources, so they are not currently as openly available as normal.