Facebook: Comments


I have two questions about interactions with the subtype “comment” from Facebook :

  1. Can I receive comments-on-comments from Facebook with Datasift?

  2. Comments have a field “facebook_page.like_count”. When I have already received the comment interaction from Datasift and a user Likes the Facebook Comment after that, will I get any notification about the new comment-like_count?


Assuming both these questions are aimed towards the Facebook Pages Managed Source, rather than the Public Facebook sources:

1. Yes, though at present, Facebook doesn't provide a mechanism to allow us to distinguish between a comment on a post, and a comment on a comment.

2. We do not currently return likes on comments - we will look into this for a future version of the Facebook Pages source. You will not receive any interaction notifying you of a change to the like_count of a comment.


Thanks for your reply.