Facebook.author.id does not return any messages


We have created the following filter to track General Motors Facebook posts (facebook.com/generalmotors):

facebook.author.id == “102279051960”

We got the id through the facebook graph api. (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/?method=GET&path=102279051960)

We can see posts on Facebook, but they are not coming in through Datasift.

Is our filter correct? What can we do?



That CSDL is correct, and should match interactions created by that author. We use the Facebook Open Graph API to access public Facebook posts. Unlike Twitter, which has a robust Firehose delivery model, the data returned via Facebook’s Open Graph API isn't guaranteed by Facebook to return all public posts. To ensure reliable delivery of interactions created on a Facebook Page, we would recommend looking at using our new Facebook Pages Managed Source.