Error connecting to Managed Resource, Instagram


I’m having the following error in the Managed Source Log:
October 27, 2015 (01:19) OK error connecting to Instagram; (Auth ID 7e61601b51de4c598135553e848fd37e); (Resource ID 6e3c9d10feee4597862d7f3c1fd3a43c)

In a filter, I’ve simply written: == “” with the correct id. This id doesn’t match any of the IDs in the error above.
The managed resource does ‘start’ when you press start but a new error appears in the log and the live preview returns nothing. The Managed Source has several tags (the strings of which are not preceded with a # symbol).

Any help would be appreciated!


As you said, this Auth and Resource ID do not match your Managed Source ID; this is expected. If you perform a /source/get API call for this Managed Source, you’ll see where these IDs come from:

➜  ~  curl -X GET '<YOUR_SOURCE_ID>' -H 'Authorization: USERNAME:API_KEY' | jq .
  "id": "<YOUR_SOURCE_ID>",
  "status": "running",
  "source_type": "instagram",
  "name": "source-name",
  "auth": [
      "identity_id": "7e61601b51de4c598135553e848fd37e",
      "parameters": {
        "value": "1094211..."
  "resources": [
      "resource_id": "6e3c9d10feee4597862d7f3c1fd3a43c",
      "parameters": {
        "type": "tag",
  "parameters": {
    "comments": false,
    "likes": true
  "created_at": 1443188349

All auth tokens and resources (tags/users/locations/etc) you monitor in a Managed Source will be given a unique ID. You use this ID when updating your source if you want to add or remove given resources or auth tokens via the API.
In this case, DataSift was having problems pulling data from resource 6e3c9d10feee4597862d7f3c1fd3a43c using the auth token with the ID 7e61601b51de4c598135553e848fd37e. This may have been due to temporary rate limiting issues from Instagram, or may be the case that this auth token simply does not have the correct permissions to pull data from this resource


Having the same issue. Used the API to to see if there was an issue and it says "“parameters”: {
“comments”: true,
“likes”: true

Is there another reason the Managed Sources log could read “error connecting to Instagram; (Auth ID 24c640870f5d44358c9e353c1c893cc7); (Resource ID 6f4b6fe087fd4099bcd2571122f4554f)” ??


This is typically nothing to be worried about; it is simply a transient issue connecting to Instagram’s API. This request will be retried until it succeeds.

We have done some work to improve the handling of this case in our newer Managed Sources architecture, and we see this error occur far less frequently.