"error":"Account not authorized to use the ftp push connector"



I tried creating a FTP push delivery end point using the following command:

curl -X POST ‘https://api.datasift.com/v1/push/create
-d ‘name=connectorftp’
-d ‘hash=mmm0’
-d ‘output_type=ftp’
-d ‘output_params.host=xx.xx.xx.xx’
-d ‘output_params.port=21’
-d ‘output_params.auth.username=s’
-d ‘output_params.auth.password=s’
-d ‘output_params.directory=%2F’
-d ‘output_params.delivery_frequency=10’
-d ‘output_params.max_size=10485760’
-d ‘output_params.mark_in_progress=true’
-H ‘Authorization: s:1’

datasift returned the following error: {“error”:“Account not authorized to use the ftp push connector”}

on creating the historics query, the response returned a Rate-limit-remaining > 2000 value. Can someone please let me know how to resolve this issue and what is wrong in the account/query.



Some Data Destinations such as FTP are only available on monthly subscription plans. See datasift.com/destination for the list of destinations available to you.