End of Life Reminder: Twitter Firehose Data Source


As you may recall, earlier this year we announced that DataSift would lose access to Twitter’s firehose on August 13, 2015. In order to manage this transition, and ensure the switch-off is done in a controlled fashion, DataSift will be switching off the live Twitter firehose, and access to Twitter Historics on Wednesday August 12th, 2015 (UK daytime).

As a result, you will no longer receive Twitter data from DataSift. In order to access the Twitter firehose, you will need to transition to another provider.

While you won’t be able to access Twitter data directly from DataSift, you can still process it on our platform using Open Data Processing for Twitter. This way you will be able to leverage many advanced filtering and tagging capabilities that are only available through the DataSift platform.
For more information on Open Data Processing, take a look at our Technical Introduction to Open Data Processing, re-watch our Open Data Processing for Twitter Webinar from August 6th, 2015, or get in touch with your DataSift Sales Representative.

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