ElasticSearch Destination


Not sure if its a bug or planned behaviour, however, the index path for the ES endpoint does not allow for use of your date range params.

For instance, to allow for a rolling index for logging, it would be nice to have the option to do this.

indexname -> myindex-{Y}{m}{d} to produce a index name of myindex-20160427 , as an example.

Currently when you add in the data params, an error is returned.


The dynamic path feature you mentioned works for file-based Push connectors only (S3, (S)FTP, etc).
I can raise a request with our Product team to see if implementing this feature for ElasticSearch will be feasible.


Yes please. It would be very useful and help with rotating indexes based on time stamps as indexes are created on demand if they do not exist. A big +1 from me if this can be implemented.