"Dynamic Tags/Filters" within filters


It would be great to have the ability to allow for tasks to be setup that have filters that are responsive to changes made to underlying tags instead of only utilising the rules that were applied at the start of a recording.

For instance, currently the process is this.

  1. Create Filter (With a set of tags and CSDL rules for a source)
  2. Create a Recording/Task to capture and store the interactions.

Now if I make a change to a set of tags within a filter, these changes are not picked up until a new recording is made.
In addition, if I create a tag template and add in one or more new tags, that tag template is now assigned a new tag id.

All existing running tasks will use the old tag template and for them to access the new tag template now (with a new id) I have to manually go through all existing recordings that utilise this tag template and update the tag id accordingly. This means a stop/recreate of a recording in our case.

It would be nice if the following was true.

When you create a filter, have the ability to specify a tag template as a “dynamic” template.

Maybe something like **!**tags “abcdefghijklmnop1234567abcd” (note the ! char to specify the “dynamic type”.

What this means is that whenever I make a change to that tag filter, any existing filters that are using it will automatically be notified and pick up the change. In our case, this would save a lot of time of having to “Restart” tasks for when tag templates are changed. (And yes in our case, we are always adding to these tag templates)


We have actually experimented with this kind of functionality in the past, though unfortunately we decided not to move forward with rolling it out. It is unlikely that we will revisit building this functionality.
If you look to use the API to manage your CSDL filters and subscriptions, you should find it pretty easy to update your filters on the fly. We actually wrote a blog post about how to do this recently; How To Update Filters On-The-Fly And Build Dynamic Social Solutions


ok - Thanks for update.

I have seen that page and while yes it can be done, is still involves technical overhead and having to potentially deal with dupes and so on. Having it where would could simply make one call to update a filter and have it immediately propagate to all other sources immediately would have been killer.


It is worth noting here that your application should be able to handle duplicate interactions; Push Delivery guarantees delivery at least once. While we normally don’t deliver duplicates, if you are able to receive some interactions from a delivery payload, but the delivery fails mid-way, we will mark that delivery as a failure, and deliver that entire payload again.
This should only occur in exceptional circumstances, but it is worth ensuring that your application can handle duplicate interactions in a sensible way.