Do we get charged for failed historics tasks?


HI, I recently had a historics task that ended up failing - this was confirmed in several notifications. Do we get charged for that task?

Historics tasks keep failing

When running an Historics query, you are billed for:

  • each chunk of the Historic that completes successfully (on chunk completion)
  • license fees for data usage (as the data is processed)

So in the event that one of your Historics queries fails for some reason, you will be charged the DPUs for any chunks that completed successfully, and for any data matched by your Historical filter. You can hit the /historics/get API endpoint for a failed Historics query to see which chunks were processed successfully. You can then use this information to find out which chunks may still need to be run, or re-run.

If you ever believe you have been over-charged for your Historics queries, or any other of DataSift’s features, please get in touch with the DataSift Support Team, and we will help to put it right.