Digg and MySpace


Are the Digg and MySpace sources currently available. I do not see any results with your examples or streams that I have created. Below is the query that I attempted:

( interaction.type == "myspace"
OR interaction.type == “digg”)
myspace.content contains_any "data science, family"
(digg.item.description contains “Obama” AND
digg.item.diggs > 10)


Unfortunately the Digg and Myspace data sources are no longer available. We will certainly look at bringing them back in the future, but this is not yet a feature on our product roadmap.


Thanks for the update Jason. You should mention this in the sources page. I found the Forums source very useful in my projects.


Any updates on Digg?


It is unlikely we will begin any work on the Digg source for several months - it is not currently on our product roadmap. Keep an eye on @DataSift and @DataSiftDev for our latest product announcements.