Delete notifications not coming in


I’m trying to test the Delete notification in my app. So I create a tweet and publish it and it comes through instantly but when I delete it I’m not getting any info coming into my onDeleted event. Is there a delay for delete notifications compared to new tweets?


There can be a delay in some cases, yes. It can sometimes be up to a couple of hours. 


Ok thanks. Is there a way to force one in on our stream to test? The code has been implemented to remove the tweets but we don’t know if it works without having to wait for a few hours. Thanks


There is no way to 'force' a delete to come through quickly unfortunately. When we receive a delete notification from Twitter, it looks like this:

    "delete": {
        "status": {
            "user_id_str": "789579304",
            "id_str": "269058636419063801",
            "user_id": 789579304,
            "id": 269058636419063801

We do not currently store the IDs of the Tweets we send to our users, so in order for us to correctly send a delete notification on to you, we search through our Historics archive to recover the full Tweet based on the Tweet ID, run this Tweet through filtering, matching it to your CSDL, and sending on the delete notification to you as part of your stream. This process can take some time, resulting in the delay between us receiving a delete notification from Twitter, and sending the delete notification on to you.


That’s a different JSON structure compared to that in the docs here -

From what we are currently storing I believe the FAQ is more inline with what we should expect?


That is the format in which we receive delete messages from Twitter. The delete messages we send on to you are different, and documented in the page you mentioned here.


I tried many deletes yesterday and none them arrived until today. Do you guys have any hints about it?


Delete Notifications are delivered as soon as possible, but sometimes can be delayed, and not delivered for several hours after they are created.


Ok, but do you guys have an estimate about the delay?
I’ve waited 24h and no data was sent regarding my delete.
Strangely enough, I’ve tried with other account and the delete proceeded with almost no delay.


Unfortunately we currently have no way to estimate how long a delete will take to process.