Datasift data save to Precog


I have setup datasift to save my data into precog. I have test my CSDL in the preview, and the data showed fine, so I created a recording for this CSDL, and set the destination to my Precog account. I can see the recording is running, and the buffer size is increasing. But when I goto Precog labcoat, I don’t see any data is transferred over. But I can see the directory is created automatically (the directory I defined during setup of the destination).

I have been for 30 minutes to see if the data is delayed, but it’s still not showing up.



In your Recording, what does the log say?

If there are no log messages showing any errors in delivery, it may be best to get in contact with Precog Support via their IRC channel. 


Hi, there’s no log output in the recording.
I have also asked for support on Precog site.
But can you do a test on Datasift side as well, to see if it’s only my problem or it’s Precog error.



The connector does work for us but we do notice that sometimes it would stop storing data in Precog randomly (typically fixed by a change by Precog Support). Contacting Precog Support via IRC is your best bet right now, especially if we are not receving any errors from them. 


Ok. thanks, I am currently waiting for their reply right now, I ll update this once I get some feedback.