Csdl query output refining


Please Look at the CSDL query below:

tag “Apple_Stocks” {
(interaction.content contains_any " Stock,Market,nyse,company,shares,points" OR links.title contains_any “Stocks,Markets,company,shares,points”)
(interaction.content contains_any “Apple,AAPL,$AAPL,#AAPL” OR links.title contains_any “Apple,AAPL,$AAPL,#AAPL”)

interaction.content contains_any "Stock,stocks,market,markets,company,shares,points,equity,investments"
links.title contains_any “Stock,stocks.market,markets,company,shares,points,equity,investments”

Have given a tag named, Apple_Stocks.When I preview the stream create, I get a lot of data,along with a small % of tagged data…

Now my question here is:
1)How can i Improve upon the above query to get more data on the stocks of a particular company.
2)I import this data to mongodb, is there a way to separate the tagged data from the untagged ones in the mongodb??? cause i didnt see any new attribute in the json which would let me identify the tagged data.


1) Could you clarify what additional data you are looking to collect about the stocks of a company?

2) Each interaction that has been tagged will have the interaction.tags field attached to it. This will be an array of all the tags associated with this interaction. Any interactions that have not been tagged will not have an interaction.tags field. You could check to see if the interaction.tags field exists, and treat interactions differently if they have not been tagged.

  1. My basic goal is to find the trend of sentiments of the tweets, when a particular company is performing good or badly in the stock markets.
    As per the outputs recieved , sentiments are calculated for each of the tweets recieved as output. Is there anything else that I can add to the above query so that it improves the number of tagged outputs ???

2)Thanks for your inputs!!!That was very helpful.


Basically i want all the tweets that are shown in the example Streams??



We do offer a specific Finance Stream, designed to capture all social content around the financial and stock markets. The "Stock Codes" stream is just a tiny subset of this. Filling in the Contact Us form on the Finance Stream page will put you in touch with a member of our Financial Sales team.