Creating pull delivery doesn't work


When I try to create a Pull I get an 404 error with the message {“error”:“Output type “pull” not found”}’.

I created the request with curl:

curl -i -X POST ‘’ -d ‘name=connectorpull’ -d ‘hash=41b4b025a3774239808b61a8773ecdb6’ -d ‘output_type=pull’ -d ‘output_params.format=json_new_line’ -H ‘Authorization: MyAuthoriziation’

I think the same request worked two days ago.

(PS: I have already posted the same question in another thread as a reply in the category “REST and Streaming API” because the Create-discussion-group was not working).


Apologies for not replying to your earlier comment. The Pull Push connector is limited to customers on our Enterprise subscription plan only. It is simply returning the wrong error message at present.


Thanks you for your informative reply, I didn’t found that information in the documentation.


Your documentation still displays pull available for non-enterprise users, is it outdated?


The Pull connector is currently in a limited release. We hope to be able to grant access for all users very soon.