Create a Named Stream via the API?



I’m trying to figure out how to create a named Stream via the API. I want to allow users to create streams and specify the keywords via a web interface. Is this possible with the current API and are there any example on how to do it (via the Ruby client if possible)



To clarify - when I say “named” I mean it will appear here: with the name I create it with.


This is not currently possible. Only streams created via the UI will appear in the UI.


Ok - so when I create a definition and store the hash am I essentially doing the same thing except it wont appear in the admin UI?

i.e. when I do this with the Ruby client:-

def = user.createDefinition("…csdl command…")

Then store the hash for later use.


Correct. Behind the scenes, your CSDL will still be compiled, and you will receive a stream hash which can be used to consume that stream definition.