Conversation : id_reply_to_status


I want to build conversations from tweets, so I wanted to know is that all reply to the tweet have the same in_reply_status_id ? and that there is an other way to build conversation from a set of tweets ?


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Ok thank you,
But I want know if all reply have the in_reply_to_status_id ? and how i can find the tweet id with this in_reply_to_status_id ?

thank you


All Twitter replies will contain a twitter.in_reply_to_status_id field, referencing the ID of the Tweet they reply to. There is currently no way to retroactively fetch the Tweet that was replied to using DataSift, as you can not run Historics queries looking for a specific Tweet ID. It would be simple enough to use this Tweet ID to hit the Twitter API to grab the original Tweet in the conversation.


thank you, but do all replies to a tweet have the same in_reply_to_status_id ?


Yes. The in_reply_to_status_id refers to the ID of the Tweet they are responding to, so any Tweets responding to a single Tweet will all contain the sameĀ in_reply_to_status_id value.


ok thank you