Consuming stream via Hootsuite


Hey there,

I am trying to do some advance filtering on tweets then consume the tweets via a feed into hootsuite or other social media dashboard, and I was wondering the best way of doing this. I am thinking that turning the Get Steam Interactions call URI into a XML or RSS format may be the way to go, however, I cant seem to get this to work.

Any thoughts?

FYI, as you can probably tell by this question, I don’t have much development experience so any guidance is very welcome and appreciated.



DataSift can deliver a live data stream in JSON format via the Live Streaming API, or by Push Delivery to an HTTP endpoint. Using Push, we can also deliver to other endpoints such as an S3 instance, a MongoDB database, and more (see for all possible endpoints).

We do not currently supply a dedicated connector to Hootsuite, so you would need to collect the data on your side using one of these delivery mechanisms, and push it back up into Hootsuite from your end. 

On receiving the data, turning it into an RSS feed should be a relatively quick and painless way of making the data available to Hootsuite.