Consume streaming with c# client library


I want to consume streaming with multistream with c# client library, is it posible? Football example in c# library only can consume 2 streams. I try to call stop and change de CDSL and restart de streaming but this don’t work. I modified the code with a thread abort but sometimes it has problems.

What shoud I do?



Take a look at the StreamConsumer.getMultiConsumer() method. Unfortunately we do not currently have any multistreaming examples in the .NET library.

The .NET library currently supports HTTP multistreaming as described in our Multiple Streams documentation. 


Jason, is it a good alternative use the old .net client library like the solution you mention in this post?


The old C# Client Library has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

We only recommend using the new .NET library.


Jason, about Multiple Streams, is it posible add a new hash/cdsl to a open connection?


With the current version of the .NET library, unfortunately it is not possible to subscribe to new streams on an open connection. You will currently have to create a new connection subscribing to your new stream hashes, then unsubscribe from your old one. 

We would like to add WebSocket support to the library soon, which will allow you to subscribe to new streams on an open connection.


Hi Jason,

but something is wrong with the c# client library. I only have 1 CDSL at the same time, sometimes i have to update de CDSL. When it occurs I create a new connection with the new CDSL and stop the old connection. And also I kill the process, but it does’t work either.

The best example is if you test with football example in the .NET client library. You will see if you push the button start and stop more than 2 times, you will stop to recieve messages.

Do you know any alternative to kill completelly the old connections?



We will take a look into this.