Consume multiple streams with C# client library


I am doing some preliminary research ahead of modifying my application to consume multiple streams. I am using the C# client library. The documentation ( only mentions Java and Node.js as having multi-stream capabilities. Is it not possible to do this with the C# library? I had assumed that I would simply create multiple instances of the DatasiftStreamClient class - will this work?


Currently our C# Client Library uses HTTP Streaming (not websockets), so doesn't support true multi-streaming. 

It is possible to create multiple instances of the DataSiftStreamClient class, and this should suffice for subscribing to multiple streams. 

I will raise a ticket to investigate building a C# Websocket Client Library, to support true multiple streaming in the same way as described in our Multiple Streams page.


Ok, thanks. It’s only 2 streams I need to accommodate at present anyway.