Confused with how to pull data from datasift's APIs. New User


Hi guys,

I just signed up for a trial account as my boss asked me to take a closer look at DataSift’s fire hose and how we can pull data from it.

I’ve gone through some of the threads under ‘Documentation’ but I can’t make head or tail out of it as to how I can code to get data from its APIs.

Any help will be appreciated to help me get started with this. I’m not looking to be hand held. Just need to be pointed to the right sources.


We would recommend using either Push Delivery or our Live Streaming API to get data out of DataSift.

The Push API step-by-step guide is a great resource to help get you up and running with Push Delivery. We also have API client libraries available in several major languages, which you can use to set up Push Subscriptions, or consume live streams, available on our Github page.

For a more general overview of how to use DataSift, take a look at the Getting Started section of our documentation, or log in to our UI, and play around with creating and consuming streams - the UI is pretty intuitive, so should help you figure out your next steps.