Complete JSON Output Data Schema?


I am looking for a complete listing of the JSON Output Data for each Datasource, namely describing the types of the fields being returned in the JSON response.

While I have found the link that describes all of the possible fields for the Output Data: ,this does not give any information about which fields are Strings, Numbers or Arrays. I have also located the link that gives examples of the Output Data: but again, not every field that is possible for a particular datasource is covered in these examples.

Due to this, I cannot get a complete picture of the full extent of the Output Data for each Datasource available within Datasift. Is this information available anywhere else? How else can I determine the field type without guessing? Thank you.


Our Consolidated list of all targets should go some way to providing this information to you.

Unfortunately we do not currently have a complete list of all our output field data types, largely due to the fact that our data providers can change these formats, though we are working to produce one.

We tend to recommend pulling a few example interactions from the platform, and looking at the structure and data types of the fields that are important to you.